New Society: International Association for the Philosophy of Time

The directors of the The Philosophy of Time Society (currently based in the U.S.), the Centre for Time (Australia) and the Centre for Philosophy of Time (Italy) have agreed to coordinate the efforts of these respective groups under an alliance (to be known as the International Association for the Philosophy of Time [IAPT]), the primary purpose of which will be the organization of an annual scholarly conference on the Anglophone philosophy of time. The conference location will rotate between Europe, Australasia, and North America. The co-sponsored May 2014 conference in Gargnano, Italy will be retroactively considered the first of these; the upcoming June 2015 conference in Sydney, Australia will be the second; and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC (USA) will host the third in the summer of 2016. The annual conference will then return to Europe in 2017, and so on.

Each organization in the IAPT will retain its own identity, membership, officers, budget, etc. But we believe that a formal association between the three will contribute positively to each organization and to the advancement of the philosophy of time generally. We are excited about this development and hope you are as well!

We’d like to take this opportunity to invite each of you to visit our respective web sites:
And check out our programs, join as a member, or renew your membership, as the case may be.

Warm regards,

Adrian Bardon, President, Philosophy of Time Society
Kristie Miller, Co-Director, Centre for Time
Giuliano Torrengo, President, Center for Philosophy of Time


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