Philosophers of Physics

This is an attempt at compiling a hopefully useful list of websites of professional philosophers of physics. It is, I’m afraid, highly incomplete. Please take no offense if your name is not on it when it should. Instead, let me know, and I will happily add it. As a general rule of thumb, you should have published in philosophy of physics and have a webpage. I will try to keep it up to date, but of course, if you have any updates, also don’t hesitate to let me know! (A similar list is maintained by Oliver Pooley and can be found here)

Thanks go to Sam Fletcher and Casey McCoy for all their help in filling the gaps and in keeping this up-to-date, and to Guido Bacciagaluppi who reported a number of errors.

Note 3 September 2021: a number of entries below are no longer fully up-to-date. I hope to soon fix them. Any help in doing so will be appreciated.

The list now contains 293 entries (if I didn’t miscount…).

Last updated: 13 November 2022

    • Nancy Cartwright, University of Durham and University of California, San Diego

    • Rob Clifton (1964-2002), formerly of University of Pittsburgh

    • James Cushing (1937-2002), formerly of University of Notre Dame

    • Balázs Gyenis, Institute of Philosophy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

    • James Harrington (1967-2021), formerly of Loyola University, Chicago

    • Patrick Heelan (1926-2015), formerly of Georgetown University

    • R I G Hughes (1936-2013), formerly of University of South Carolina

    • Max Jammer (1915-2010), formerly of Bar-Ilan University

    • Fred Kronz, National Science Foundation, University of Texas, Austin

    • Marc Lange, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    • Elias Okon, National Autonomous University of Mexico

    • Matthew Parker, Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE

    • Diego Romero, Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso

    • David Sharp, University of Alberta

    • Paul Teller, University of California, Davis (Emeritus)


35 responses to “Philosophers of Physics

  1. Hi, I am Federico Laudisa. Thanks for including me in he list. I just wanted to point out that my affiliation is not ‘University of Milan’ but ‘University of Milan-Bicocca’ (which is the second state university in Milan).
    Thanks for your attention

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  3. Laurent

    Mario Bunge, McGill (recently retired)

  4. Hi, my new website is

  5. J. Brian Pitts

    Dear Christian,
    Thank you for your list. I should mention that I am now at the University of Cambridge.
    J. Brian Pitts

  6. George P.

    I noticed that the link of Prof. Vincent Lam is broken. The new one is

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  8. Hi Christian. I haven’t left the field, at least, not yet. I’m at the University of Nantes.

  9. Hi Christian, I’m now at the University of Western Ontario. BTW I noticed a typo in Lucas Dunlap’s entry: “Candada” should be “Canada”.

  10. KB

    Melissa Jacquart, University of Pennsylvania

  11. vincenzo fano

    Dear Christian, do you can add my name to the list? Many thanks

  12. vincenzo fano

    Many thanks Chris!

  13. Hi Chris,
    would you add me to the list?

  14. Hi
    David Wallace’s link isn’t working
    Here’s a link to his uni page:

    And can you add David Deutsch (Oxford U), please?
    Here’s his webpage and blog:

  15. Hi Chris,
    Could you please add me to the list? I’m at the MPIWG now:
    Also, Katherine Brading is now at Duke:
    Many thanks,

  16. Wojciech Kryszak

    Hi, I think it would be a pity to omit Julian Barbour (
    Best regards,

  17. Yazan Freij

    Hello can you add Dr.Towfic Shomar at the University of Jordan

    and also Prof. Hisham Ghassib at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

    Thanks for your efforts !

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