Conference on the philosophy of cosmology and quantum gravity

The Beyond Spacetime project and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy, invite proposals to speak at the upcoming conference Cosmology and Quantum Gravity Beyond Spacetime, on the philosophy of quantum gravity and cosmology, to be held 10-12 November 2023 at Western University. Selected speakers will have accommodation and most meals provided.

We are planning for 10 speakers – a mix of philosophers and physicists – with commentators, over two and a half days (finishing at lunch on the 12th, to allow return travel that evening). The meeting will be capped at 30 people to encourage interaction. 

The following have accepted invitations to speak:
• Feraz Azhar (Notre Dame)
• Jamee Elder (BHI/Harvard)
• Laurent Freidel (Perimeter)
• Sean Gryb (Groningen)
• Katie Mack (Perimeter)
•Lee Smolin (Perimeter)

We are open to any topics exploring philosophical aspects of quantum gravity and cosmology. We hope to foster new directions and new collaborations in the field.

Please submit a title, abstract, and CV to by June 30th, 2023. 

The conference website can be found on

The organizing committee:
Nick Huggett (UIC)
Chris Smeenk (Western)
Francesca Vidotto (Western)
Christian Wüthrich (Geneva)


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MA programme in analytic philosophy at USI open for applications

We are happy to announce the MAP programme of the next year, with some interesting news:

It should be noted that the MAP programme at USI is one of only few MA programmes in philosophy in which philosophy of physics is prominently taught, with one mandatory course and several elective seminars.

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PhD course: Non-locality in Quantum Mechanics

This PhD course will focus on the phenomenon of entanglement and non-locality in quantum mechanics, with the aim of deepening the understanding of their philosophical implications.

University of Oslo, 11-12 September 2023

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PostDoc & PhD Position, Philosophy/Foundations of Physics, Utrecht

Utrecht University is advertising a PostDoc and a PhD position in philosophy of physics and/or foundations of physics and/or metaphysics of science, in the context of the ERC project “COSMO-MASTER” led by Niels Martens.



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CFP: Synthese topical collection ‘Establishing the philosophy of supersymmetry’

(Guest editors: Richard Dawid, Siska De Baerdemaeker, and Tushar Menon)

Supersymmetry has, for the last forty years, been a central feature of theoretical physics, especially in the efforts to reconcile the Standard Model of particle physics, our best quantum theory of matter, and General Relativity, our best theory of gravitation. On the one hand, it has strongly influenced conceptual thinking in fundamental physics. On the other, recent debates on the prospects of low energy supersymmetry in light of its non-discovery at the LHC raise interesting epistemological questions. Yet supersymmetry has remained almost entirely ignored by philosophers of physics. The primary goal of this topical collection is to help establish the philosophy of supersymmetry as a research discipline. We invite contributions that address the history and philosophy of supersymmetry, broadly construed. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

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Bristol: fixed-term lecturer in philosophy of physics

For more information, please visit

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CfR: Foundations of Observational, Classical and Semi-Classical Gravitational Physics and The Problem of Agency and Laws of Nature (MCMP/LMU Munich, 28-31 March 2023)

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy invites registration for the following event:

Foundations of Observational, Classical and Semi-Classical Gravitational Physics and The Problem of Agency and Laws of Nature

MCMP, LMU Munich

28-31 March 2023

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Nijmegen: two assistant professor positions

We are looking for two Assistant Professors who will join the newly established Radboud Center for Natural Philosophy (RCNP), a collaboration between physicists, philosophers and historians of science from Radboud University’s Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. The RCNP is an initiative of 2022 Spinoza Prize winner Prof. Klaas Landsman. Its focus will be on the foundations of physics, studied in an interdisciplinary way combining mathematical, philosophical, and historical approaches. In particular, the closely related themes of causality, determinism, randomness, and emergence will be studied in the context of the important theoretical frameworks of modern physics. 

The links to the vacancies are:

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STEM, social science & humanities scholars making black hole videos together

STEM, social science & humanities scholars are joining forces to create high-quality videos of black holes with an Earth-sized virtual telescope. New white paper out now (open access): you are a philosopher, historian, sociologist, HPS, STS or legal scholar interested in contributing to the Next Generation Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration (, contact n.c.m.martens[at] or @EU_phil_cosmo with a brief description of your background and thoughts about contributing to the ngEHT.

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Summer School on Chalmers’ Reality+ at USI, Lugano, June 9-13, 2023

Application deadline: February 15, 2023

More at:

Lecturers: Magdalena Balcerak Jackson, David Chalmers, Nathan Wildman


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