CFP: Synthese topical collection ‘Establishing the philosophy of supersymmetry’

(Guest editors: Richard Dawid, Siska De Baerdemaeker, and Tushar Menon)

Supersymmetry has, for the last forty years, been a central feature of theoretical physics, especially in the efforts to reconcile the Standard Model of particle physics, our best quantum theory of matter, and General Relativity, our best theory of gravitation. On the one hand, it has strongly influenced conceptual thinking in fundamental physics. On the other, recent debates on the prospects of low energy supersymmetry in light of its non-discovery at the LHC raise interesting epistemological questions. Yet supersymmetry has remained almost entirely ignored by philosophers of physics. The primary goal of this topical collection is to help establish the philosophy of supersymmetry as a research discipline. We invite contributions that address the history and philosophy of supersymmetry, broadly construed. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

-Naturalness arguments

-The history of supersymmetry and its development in conjunction with other theories of physics

-The metaphysics of superspace

-Assessments of results from the LHC regarding supersymmetry

-The role of supersymmetry in interpreting symmetries and dualities

To submit to the topical collection, please visit the submission website at and then select: T.C.: “Establishing the Philosophy of Supersymmetry” under “Select Article Type”.

The deadline for submissions is the 31st of August 2023.


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