London’s Institute of Art and Ideas Debate on Physics and Reality

The Institute of Art and Ideas in London has just released a new debate online that might be of interest to our readers: Uncovering Reality features Cambridge Professor of Applied Mathematics David Tong, quantum physicist Lev Vaidman and philosopher Hilary Lawson challenging the ability of maths and physics to describe the fundamental nature of reality.

The debate can be watched at

I haven’t watched it, so can’t vouch for its quality–let me know what you think!


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One response to “London’s Institute of Art and Ideas Debate on Physics and Reality

  1. hansvanleunen

    Physicists tend to inhibit themselves by requiring experimental verification of all physical statements. In this way they cannot deliberate (physically) about subjects than cannot be observed. Still their theories contain concept that can only be deduced (color charge and quarks are notorious examples).
    A fully deduced model can only be accepted, when it is based on a solid foundation. It is questionable whether string theory and LQG are based on such solid foundations.
    In 1936 the duo Birkhoff and von Neumann suggested to use quantum logic as a proper foundation. However, their suggestion was ignored by the physical community. Current physical methodology has deviated from quantum logic and its lattice isomorphic companion, the separable Hilbert space. This is a missed chance that deserves being explored. Using this foundation it is possible to investigate the lower levels of the physical hierarchy much deeper that is possible with QED and QCD.

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