Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students

The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy is organising the seventh edition of the Summer School on Mathematical Philosophy for Female Students, taking place from July 26 to July 31, 2020, in Munich, and invites applications until 29th March 2020.

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Call for applications: Junior fellowship in philosophy of physics, Geneva

Call for Applications:
University of Geneva

The Geneva Symmetry Group at the University of Geneva’s Department of Philosophy solicits applications for a six-months junior visiting fellowship for advanced PhD students, starting 1 August 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter. The position is funded by the John Templeton Foundation grant `Cosmology Beyond Spacetime’.
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Postdoc position at Bonn

3-year Postdoctoral Fellowship to work on the History and Philosophy of Gravitational Wave Physics

The University of Bonn invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in history and philosophy of physics. The advertised position is part of the project on “The role of inference to the best explanation in the discovery of gravitational waves” in the DFG-funded research unit Inductive Metaphysics. Applications from candidates with a suitable background in philosophy of physics, history of physics or indeed gravitational physics itself, would be particularly welcome. The deadline for application is 29 February 2020. For the official job ad including details on how to apply, please see here:

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Lettres épistémologiques now available in digital archive

Thanks to Don Howard and Sebastián Murgueitio Ramírez at the University of Notre Dame, the long-lost complete issues of Lettres épistémologiques (Epistemological Letters), a small journal dedicated to the foundations of physics and published out of Switzerland from 1973 to 1984, have now been made available online. Here is the message from Don Howard:

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Summer school on history of space

The Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences has organized a Summer School on The History of Space in Mathematics and Physics. The Summer School will be held in Leipzig from Monday, June 29th, to Saturday, July 4th, 2020. The six days of the School are dedicated to an intensive series of lectures and discussions on various aspects of the history of the notion of space, and will feature lectures by Michael Friedman (Stanford), Robert Di Salle (Western University), Brigitte Falkenburg (TU Dortmund), Jeffrey Weeks (Geometry Games), Jürgen Jost (MPI MiS), and Vincenzo De Risi. The School will be opened by an inaugural lecture by astrophysicist Richard Ellis (University College London).
All the lectures and discussions of the School will be in English, and the applicants are requested to be able to explain their views in this language.

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Last CFP: The 20th UK and European Conference on Foundations of Physics


8-10 July 2020, La Sorbonne, Paris

Following the very successful previous editions at Utrecht (2018) and London (2016), this conference will bring philosophers of physics and physicists to a historic auditorium at the old Sorbonne in which Marie Curie gave her first lecture in 1906. 50 contributed talks and 5 invited speakers will cover the most diverse foundational aspects of physical theory and experiment. Parallel sessions will address the philosophy of quantum physics, space-time physics including quantum gravity, and statistical mechanics.
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The Epistemology of the LHC: Postdoc and doctoral positions

The Research Unit “The Epistemology of the LHC”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), invites applications for

2 Postdoctoral and 5 Doctoral positions
in the fields of philosophy of science, history of science, social studies of science, and physics.
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