CFP: ‘Emergence and Time’, Braga, 3-5 July 2023

The First International Colloquium: ‘Emergence and Time’

The Catholic University of Portugal announces a call for papers for the First International Colloquium: ‘Emergence and Time,’ to be held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (Universidade Católica – Faculdade de Filosofia e Ciências Sociais) in Braga, Portugal, July 3-5, 2023

For more information on the colloquium, please visit

The colloquium addresses the relationship between emergence and time, with a focus on questions related to the fundamentality of the concept of time in different disciplines.

Is time fundamental, or are there more basic aspects of the world on which time supervenes? The First International Colloquium: ‘Emergence and Time’ will present interdisciplinary issues on the topic of emergence and time. The target disciplines for the colloquium include philosophy, psychology, cognitive sciences, linguistics, and physics. Examples of pertinent topics that fall within the scope of this colloquium include:

Is time fundamental?
What does ’emergence’ mean?
What does it mean to say that time emerges?
Is the concept of time fundamental in domains such as cognition or language, or even in physical theories?
What is the relationship between the ‘arrow of time,’ emergence, and entropy?
How do we deal with possible divergences between domains if time is fundamental in some respect, yet emerging and not fundamental in others?
What comprises timelessness?
How to represent a timeless reality?
Could time be simultaneously emergent and fundamental?
Is temporality a mind-dependent phenomenon?
Is the ‘arrow of time’ a mind-dependent phenomenon?
What is the relationship between consciousness and temporality?
Time, idealism, and emergence.
Temporality and the emergence of the mind and consciousness.
Emerging aspects of reality derived from time.

This list is not exhaustive. All topics related to the theme of the colloquium are welcome.

Interested parties are invited to submit a 250-500 word abstract for a 20-minute presentation (followed by a 10-minute discussion).

The abstract should include five keywords and must be prepared for peer review (blind review).

Please attach a separate page that includes the following information: full name, institution, telephone number, and email.

​Proposals must include the following message in the ‘subject’ field: “First Inter. Coll. First Name Last Name – Title of Abstract.”

Please send proposals to the following email address:
Questions should be directed to the above address.

After the colloquium, authors will be invited to submit a complete version of their work which will be peer reviewed and published in a special conference issue of the Axioma Studies Series:

Deadline for submission: 20 April 2023
Notification of acceptance: 10 May 2023
Organizing committee coordinator: Elton Marques


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