Introducing the Möbius Seminars: seminars by philosophers to physicists

Philosophers of physics study the foundational, metaphysical and epistemological aspects of this natural science. Physicists carry their research with the hope of explaining the process occurring in the Universe, decipher its fundamental laws and extract information from experiments and observations. Those respective activities voice for a place enabling the two communities to meet. The Möbius Seminars are a cycle of seminars on philosophy of physics, given by philosophers to physicists. They aim at making the scientific community aware of the investigations and developments occurring in the field of philosophy, and to foster exchange between the two fields. The seminars occur once a month during one hour, with a half devoted to the presentation and the other half to the discussion. They are occurring online via zoom, and any interested party is welcome to join. We are starting a new cycle for the year 2021/22, more information can be found on our website, our Twitter and our Youtube channel (arriving soon). 


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