CfA: Edited volume in Philosophy of Astrophysics

While cosmology has long attracted attention from philosophers, the rise of philosophy of astrophysics as a distinctive focus of research is relatively new. To be sure, since the 1980s, there has been sporadic attention to astrophysics, but the field has really started to stir in the last decade or so, and now seems to have properly fledged. Work in philosophy of astrophysics has provided substantive contributions to the literature on modeling, simulations, experiments, and natural kinds. This edited volume will, for the first time, collect together a representative sample of work in philosophy of astrophysics.

Submission guidelines

We invite proposals for papers (5,000-7,000 words) in philosophy of astrophysics. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:
– Philosophy of astrophysical experiments and observations
– Models and simulations in astrophysics
– Dark sector physics
– Metaphysical questions in astrophysics: natural kinds, realism, laws of nature
– Black hole experiments

Authors should submit an extended abstract of up to 1,000 words, as well as a short abstract of 200-300 words, properly prepared for anonymous review. The submission deadline is 31 October 2021 and our turnaround will be swift. Submissions will be handled through EasyChair:

We especially encourage submissions from members from underrepresented groups.


Nora Mills Boyd (Siena College)
Siska De Baerdemaeker (Stockholm University)
Vera Matarese (University of Bern) and
Kevin Heng (University of Bern, University of Warwick)


Please contact Siska De Baerdemaeker (, Nora Mills Boyd ( or Vera Matarese (


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