Philosophy of Dark Matter Workshop, 29-30 March 2021

Online – via Zoom

Registration deadline: 22 March

Further info & registration:


  • Simon Allzén (Stockholm): “Dark matter, evidence, and theory confirmation”
  • Antonis Antoniou (Bristol): “Reliability, informativeness and sensitivity in dark matter observation”
  • Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm): “Exploratory observations with stellar streams”
  • Niels Martens (Bonn/Aachen): “Dark matter realism”
  • Helen Meskhidze (Irvine): “(What) Do we learn from code comparisons? A case study of implementations of self-interacting dark matter”
  • Robert Rynasiewicz (Johns Hopkins): “Dark matter and referential handles”
  • William L. Vanderburgh (San Bernardino): “Multi-messenger metaphysics: Evidence and inference in astrophysics and cosmology”


  • Siska de Baerdemaeker (Stockholm)
  • Melissa Jacquart (Cincinnati)
  • Christopher Smeenk (London, ON)
  • Adán Sus (Valladolid)

For further questions, please contact the organizer, Niels Martens, at

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