Call for nominations: Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize

The Jury would like to issue a call for nominations for the 2020 Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize, which  is awarded  annually for the best work in History and/or  Philosophy of Modern Physics, done by a student as a requirement for a Masters Thesis.  The prize carries a  2000 euro award. Nominations  for this Prize need to be submitted by a supervisor of the nominee  before  November 15, 2020. We would also like to issue a special encouragement for the nomination of  candidates from underrepresented groups. 

Recent  winners  of  the  HJMP include Grace Field,  Ruward Mulder, James Read,  Neil Dewar and  Ben Feintzeig.


The Jury, 
Jos Uffink  (University of Minnesota)Klaas Landsman  (Radboud University, Nijmegen)Christopher Lehner Michiel  Seevinck


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