Oxford philosophy of physics Thursday seminar this fall

We pleased to announce the schedule for the Oxford philosophy of physics Thursday seminar for the forthcoming academic term. (See below.) The seminar will be held over Microsoft Teams; if you would like to attend, but are not already a member of the Teams group, please email James Read to be added.

We hope to see you there!

Oxford Philosophy of Physics Seminar MT20. To be held over Microsoft Teams.

October 15th, 4:30PM
Kian Salimkhani, University of Cologne, The Dynamical Approach to Spin-2 Gravity

October 22nd, 4:30PM
Jeremy Steeger, University of Washington, One World Is (Probably) Just as Good as Many

October 29th, 4:30PM
Porter Williams, University of Southern California, Identifying Causal Directions in Quantum Theories via Entanglement

November 5th, 11:00AM (Please note alternative time!)
Sarita Rosenstock, Australian National University, A Category Theoretic Framework for Physical Representation

November 12th, 4:30PM
Trevor Teitel, University of Toronto, How to be a Spacetime Substantivalist

November 19th, 11AM (Please note alternative time!)
Nicolas Menicucci, RMIT University, Sonic Relativity and the Sound Postulate

4:30PM (BBLOC Seminar: please contact Alex Franklin for details)
Emily Adlam, Spooky Action at a Temporal Distance

November 26th, 4:30PM
Martin Lipman, Leiden University, Realism About Relative Facts and Special Relativity

December 3rd, 4:30PM
Baptiste Le Bihan, University of Geneva, What Does the World Look Like According to Superdeterminism?

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