Postdoc: LARSIM, Paris-Saclay

LARSIM group at CEA-Saclay will hire a postdoctoral researcher to work with Dr. Alexei Grinbaum in the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information. Topics of interest may include, but aren’t limited to, non-classical resource theories, indefinite causal orders, or quantum and generalized contextuality. While this research is expected to be of theoretical and mathematical nature, professional contact with experimental groups inside and outside CEA will be appreciated. Collaborations in Paris area may include Paris Center for Quantum Computing, ENS Paris-Saclay, or INRIA.

Details / Détails

The position is expected to be filled before the end of 2020.

Duration: 12 months.

The candidate will work on the CEA Orme des Merisiers campus 20km south of Paris. Transportation to and from Paris is easy and subsidized.

CEA offers a generous salary and benefits.

Fluency in French is not mandatory.

How to apply / Procédure de candidature

Before September 6, 2020, send a CV and a statement of research interests to Recommendation letters will be requested from all shortlisted candidates.


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