Open Zoom Seminars in the Israeli Philosophy of Physics Discussion Club

The Philosophy of Physics Discussion Club will hold a series of Zoom-seminars during June. Guests and colleagues are welcome.

Full abstracts and updates are available on the discussion club web page:


June 1st; 16:00 IDT (13:00 UTC):
The Impact of Quantum Mechanics on Philosophy
Lev Vaidman, Tel-Aviv University
Meeting ID: 980 7826 5569
Password (if required): Vaidman*01

June 8th; 16:00 IDT (13:00 UTC)
Continuous Symmetries and Relationalism
Guy Hetzroni, Tel-Aviv University
Meeting ID: 936 6782 8966
Password (if required): Hetzron*08

June 22nd; 16:00 IDT (13:00 UTC)
Cassirer on the Methodology of Science: Structuralism, Perspectivism, and Modern Physics
Noah Stemeroff, Tel-Aviv University
Meeting ID: 963 2810 7265
Password (if required): Stemero*22

June 29th; 16:00 IDT (13:00 UTC)
David Bohm Lectures to a Group of Marxist Physicists, Israel 1957
Hanoch Gutfreund, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Meeting ID: 985 4431 2230
Password (if required): Gutfreu*29

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