Lettres épistémologiques now available in digital archive

Thanks to Don Howard and Sebastián Murgueitio Ramírez at the University of Notre Dame, the long-lost complete issues of Lettres épistémologiques (Epistemological Letters), a small journal dedicated to the foundations of physics and published out of Switzerland from 1973 to 1984, have now been made available online. Here is the message from Don Howard:

We are pleased to announce that Notre Dame is making available to the world a digital edition of the obscure but once very important journal, Epistemological Letters. In the 1970s and early 1980s, this is where much of the most important work on Bell’s theorem and related topics first appeared. Included are papers by John Bell, Abner Shimony, and all of the major players in that story. This story gives you an overview and contains a link to the digital edition. We have also provided a more extended “Introduction” to the journal that tells its history in greater detail. Most of the work on this project was done by our philosophy of physics Ph.D. student, Sebastian Murgueitio. The next phase of the project will involve our recruiting especially younger scholars in the history and philosophy of physics to assist in the detailed, digital annotation of the papers.


Don Howard


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