Bonn: Hertz Fellowships in History and Philosophy of Physics

The Heinrich Hertz Fellowship in History and Philosophy of physics is designed to allow graduate students and early-career scholars to spend 3 months, 6 months or an entire academic year (9 months) at the University of Bonn to work on any topic in the history and philosophy of physics. They have no formal duties apart from following their own research agenda and interacting with the other historians and philosophers of physics in Bonn.

Hertz fellows are provided with:
– A (possibly shared) office in the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Bonn.
– Reimbursement of all travel and visa costs to come to Bonn.
– A monthly stipend of 2500 Euros to cover accommodation and maintenance during the stay in Bonn. Stipends are not generally taxable in Germany. Fellows have to show that they have sufficient (travel) health insurance for their stay in Bonn.
– Reimbursements of some conference travel and similar expenses during the stay in Bonn.

Starting times of the fellowships are flexible. However, the default would be to start on the 1st of October (beginning of the Winter Semester) or the 1st of April (beginning of the summer semester).

Further information about the fellowship can be found at

Further information about the Lichtenberg Group for History and Philosophy of Physics at the University of Bonn can be found at

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