Urbino Summer School: June 17-20

Call for Papers / Participation

The 22nd International School in Philosophy of Physics will be held in Urbino, on June 17th-20th, 2019. The topic of the school is “Philosophy of Cosmology” and will feature lectures given by Christopher Smeenk (Western University, and Director of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy), Erik Curiel (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), and afternoon seminars given by Alfio Bonanno (INAF, Catania Astrophysical Observatory), Elena Pian (INAF, Astrophysics and Space Science Observatory, Bologna), Vincenzo Fano (University of Urbino) and Giovanni Macchia (University of Urbino)

This is call for papers and participation, to be submitted by March 15th.  More detailed information about the school, including instructions to apply or submit a paper, can be found here. Any further questions should be directed to Giovanni Macchia:  lucbian@hotmail.com.


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