Space and Time After Quantum Gravity: Invitation to Visitors

We invite interested scholars for short visits to the Spacetime After Quantum Gravity research group, located in the philosophy departments at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Geneva. To facilitate visits we can offer financial assistance for travel and lodging, office facilities, and of course excellent intellectual company. Visits can be from a few days to a few weeks (or possibly longer).

We hope to have a range of visitors: faculty and graduate students; general philosophers, philosophers of physics, and physicists; those sharing their expertise, and those learning about the philosophy of quantum gravity and the work of our group and speakers. Visitors will help us inform the philosophical and physics communities about philosophical issues in quantum gravity; and they will help us learn more about these philosophical dimensions though our interactions. While visitors will be credentialed philosophers or physicists, in some cases a credible interest in professional engagement with the group will be more important than prior work in quantum gravity.

In the first instance, potential visitors are requested to send a brief (one page) letter of interest, explaining their current academic status, research focus, and interest in our project. Please also explain any special activities you would like to undertake with the group (for example, giving a talk), date(s) you would like to visit, and estimated cost of a flight. We will request further information as needed, and discuss times and budgets (up to $600, with the possibility of more for longer visits, depending on demand) with successful applicants.

The period of the project is September 1st 2015-August 31st 2018. There is no deadline for requests; we have an annual budget, and will support visitors each year until that year’s budget is exhausted. We especially encourage applications from women and underrepresented minorities.

Send letters of interest to

Nick Huggett, UIC

Christian Wüthrich, Geneva

Website for more information:


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One response to “Space and Time After Quantum Gravity: Invitation to Visitors

  1. I like to guide your attention to the possibility to put coherent scientific content in an openly accessible way on the internet in the form of a Wikiversity project. Wikiversity offers an excellent visual editor that includes a powerful equation editor. It is possible to present the project in multiple languages. The project allows connecting documents with the required mathematics. This can happen in dedicated papers or via links to relevant Wikipedia pages.
    The Wikiversity project demonstrates these possibilities.

    One important warning: Every registered member of the Wikimedia organization can modify the content.of the project.
    Courtesy rules keep these changes within bounds.

    Sincerely yours, Hans

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