Workshop on composition in physics, Leeds, 8 September 2016

Composition in Physics: Superposition and Fundamentality

University of Leeds
8th September 2016
Realism and the Quantum Workshop

9.30: Arrivals

10.00-10.40: Session 1a
Douglas Earl (Leeds), ‘On the Concepts of Superposition and Particle
Identity in Quantum Field Theories’

10.40-11.20: Session 1b
Fabio Ceravolo (Leeds), ‘What non-supervenience does not show’

11.20-11.40: Coffe

11.45-12.55: Session 2
Tom Lancaster (Durham), ‘Renormalization, quasiparticles and the Fermi

12.55-13.45: Lunch

13.50-15.00: Session 3
Brigitte Falkenburg (TU Dortmund), ‘Subatomic Particles – A Variety of

15.05-16.15: Session 4
Claudio Calosi (Neuchâtel), ‘Emergence, Entanglement, Monsim’

16.15-16.35: Tea

16.40-17.50: Session 5
Katherine Hawley (St Andrews), ‘Parts, Wholes, and Integration’

18.00: Finish, then drinks / dinner

*Venue:* Room G36, Baines Wing, School of PRHS, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2

*Registration* is free, but please contact Douglas Earl (
by Thursday 1st September if you plan to attend or have any questions about
the event.

The workshop is part of the ARHC Scientific Realism and the Quantum Project


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