Milan: two postdocs at the Centre for Philosophy of Time

The first of two calls for PosDocs at the Center for Philosophy of Time in Milan is out!

We are looking for a researcher who has a research specialism in temporal issues with respect to at least one of the following areas: metaphysics, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and philosophy of science. We will be looking for an analogous profile in the second call. Ideally we aim at making one hire with an area of research specialism in the metaphysics of time, and one hire with an area of research specialism in temporal aspects within philosophy of mind. PhD is strongly preferred.

The call is out till 10 May 2016. Please send all documents to and Interviews (via Skype) for those shortlisted will be 16 May, starting from 14:00. The position will start on 1 June (and not 1 May, as originally planned). Duration of the grant is 14 months. Neat salary slightly over 1.850 € per month. The second call will be out in the next weeks, and the position will start in September or October.

If you are interested in any of the two positions, please apply to both (even if you cannot start on 1 June), so that we can better plan the hiring. Specify at the beginning of your research project whether you can start on 1 June and what would be your preferred starting date(s).

You can find the complete text of the call at, and further details about the job at

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