Workshop ‘Quantum-Classical Connexion’, Rotterdam, 6 January 2016

Faculty of Philosophy, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
Wednesday 6 January 2016


11:00–12:30 hours
Joshua Rosaler (University of Minnesota, USA)
‘Formal’ vs. ’empirical’ approaches to quantum-classical reduction

12:30–13:15 hours: Lunch (Food Court).

13:15–14:45 hours
Klaas Landsman (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
The Bohrification program and the classical-quantum interface

15:00–16:30 hours
Guido Bacciagaluppi (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
Classicality, decoherence and time-symmetry

16:45–18:15 hours
Gijs Leegwater (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Classical physics, quantum physics and the manifest image

Ensuing: Dinner, somewhere in town.

Tinbergen Building (a.k.a. H-Building, highest building on the campus),
Room H5-32 (5th floor).
For a map, see:
Address: Institutenlaan, 3062 PA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Directions (public transport)
From Rotterdam Central Station or from train station Rotterdam Blaak:
Take the tram line 21 or 24 in the direction of De Esch. Get off at Woudestein (follow the students); takes 10–15 minutes.

For further information, please contact the organiser at

This workshop is part of F.A. Muller’s VICI research programme The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure, funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NW O).

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