Rethinking Foundations of Physics Workshop, 28 March – 4 April 2015

A spring school of sorts in the Austrian Alps! Here is the announcement:

Traditional conferences and subject-specific workshops offer little room for in-depth discussions about the foundations of physics in an open, creative, and speculative way. This workshop offers a platform for young scientists to engage in such discussions.

The major part of the workshop will consist of discussion sessions in small groups, aiming at new approaches and ways of thinking about specific topics in fundamental physics. The discussion sessions will be led by the talks of some of the participants (there will be not more than three talks per day). The topics of discussions will be selected based on the expertise and interests of all participants and, similarly to the topics of talks, will be centered around some of the following questions:

- What are the mathematical, conceptual, and experimental paradigms underlying modern formulations of QM, GR, and QFT?
– Can they be relaxed or changed? And how?
– Which mathematics and principles could be relevant for new foundations?
– Are there promising nonstandard experimental possibilities?

The workshop is directed at PhD students in physics and mathematics and young researchers who have completed their PhD in the last few years. It is not required that participants have substantial knowledge in all modern physical theories, but a general interest and openness towards other fields and ideas is expected. Applications are open until 15 January 2015.

Date: Saturday, 28 March – Saturday, 4 April 2015
Place: Mountain Cabin “Amoseralm”, Dorfgastein, Austria
Participants: 21 (Limited by the number of beds.)
Workshop fee: 250 Euros (Accommodation and food included. Financial support available.)

Further information:


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