Conceptual and technical challenges of quantum gravity: Rome, 8-12 September 2014

Sapienza University of Rome

This conference will provide an opportunity for an encounter between different approaches and different perspectives on the quantum-gravity problem. Its main goal is to contribute to a higher level of shared knowledge among the quantum-gravity communities pursuing each specific research program.

We plan to have plenary talks on many different approaches, including in particular string theory, loop quantum gravity, spacetime noncommutativity, causal dynamical triangulations, asymptotic safety and causal sets. We shall also welcome contributions from the perspective of philosophy of science.

In addition we shall have several shorter talks organized in parallel sessions labelled not by specific approaches, but rather by “themes” that can cross the boundaries between different approaches, such as black-hole information, locality, dimensional reduction and phenomenology.

It is our intention to make this meeting particularly enjoyable for students and junior postdocs, since exposure to different perspectives is most significant at early stages of one’s path in quantum gravity.

For more information, also about how to register, visit


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