Isham at 70: Imperial College, 26-28 September 2014


A meeting in honour of Chris Isham on occasion of his 70th birthday
Imperial College London, September 26 (arrival day) — 28, 2014
Registration: by email to, deadline August 31, 2014

On occasion of Chris Isham’s 70th birthday, there will be a meeting on “Modern Issues in Foundations of Physics” at Imperial College from September 26 to 28, 2014. September 26 is the day of arrival, with a get-together and informal drinks in the evening, and the actual meeting will take place on the weekend of September 27/28.

This is an invitation to attend the ‘Isham at 70′ meeting, which we expect to become a very friendly gathering of many of Chris’ former PhD students, collaborators and friends, with a substantial programme of talks. Speakers are:

Julian Barbour, Oxford
Stanley Deser, Brandeis (tbc)
Andreas Döring, Erlangen
Michael Duff, Imperial
Jonathan Halliwell, Imperial
Peter Knight, Imperial
Renate Loll, Nijmegen
Tim Palmer, Oxford
Roger Penrose, Oxford
Carlo Rovelli, Marseille
Sarben Sarkar, King’s College London
Lee Smolin, Perimeter Institute (tbc)
Steven Weinstein, Waterloo

Details about the meeting can be found at

Registration is by email to

The deadline for registration is August 31, 2014. If you want to attend the conference dinner on Saturday, September 27, please note that you must register and will have to pay £25 on arrival. Restaurant seats are pre-booked, so timely registration is required. Please inform us about any dietary requirements you may have.



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