Unpublished papers by Howard Stein

Six unpublished papers of Howard Stein have recently been posted on the Pittsburgh PhilSci Archive:

http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/cgi/search/advanced?screen=Public%3A%3AEPrintSearch&_action_search=Search&_fulltext__merge=ALL&_fulltext_=&title_merge=ALL&title=&creators_name_merge=ALL&creators_name=Stein%2C+Howard&abstract_merge=ALL&abstract=&d! ate=&d atestamp=&keywords_merge=ALL&keywords=&subjects_merge=ALL&conference_merge=ALL&department_merge=ALL&department=&editors_name_merge=ALL&editors_name=&refereed=EITHER&publication_merge=ALL&publication=&eprintid=&userid=&satisfyall=ALL&order=-date%2Fcreators_name%2Ftitle


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