Workshop on Quantum States, University of Lausanne, 1-3 May 2014

Workshop “The quantum state as the memory of a quantum system: A physical inquiry and a metaphysical appraisal”

University of Lausanne, 1-3 May 2014

Thursday 1 May 14

17h00 Welcome
17h15 Nicolas Gisin (Geneva): Quantum nonlocality and realistic physics theories
18h15 Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge): Classifications of quantum states

Friday 2 May 14

Morning 9h-12h30

9-10h Mario Hubert (Uni Lausanne): Why metaphysics needs primitive ontologies
10-11h Pui Him Ip (London): The ontology of Hamilton-Jacobi theory as an argument in favour of a dispositionalist view of the quantum state
11h-11h30 coffee break
11h30-12h30 Michael Esfeld (Uni Lausanne): Primitive ontology first
12h30 Lunch (on campus)

Afternoon 14h00-18h30

14h00-15h00 Nino Zanghì (Genova): The big wave function and the small wave function
15h00-16h00 Davide Romano (Uni Lausanne): The ontology of the effective wave function
16h00-16h30 coffee break
16h30-17h30 Vincent Lam (Uni Lausanne): Primitive ontology and unitary inequivalence
17h30-18h30 Andrea Oldofredi (Uni Lausanne): Bohmian-type QFT and Malament/Haag no-go theorem

Saturday 3 May 14

Morning 9h00-13h00

9h00-10h Guido Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen): The misleading equivalence of decoherence and branching
10h00-11h Matthias Egg (Uni Lausanne): The role of the quantum state in the GRW matter density theory
11h-11h30 Coffee Break
11h30-12h30 Antonio Vassallo: What is a quantum-gravitational state?
12h30-13h Vincenzo Savona: Concluding Remarks
13h00 Lunch (Restaurant de Dorigny)


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