New Book Series: European Studies in Philosophy of Science (ESPS)

Dennis Dieks (
Maria Carla Galavotti (
Wenceslao J. Gonzalez (

This new series, published by Springer, results from a joint effort of EPSA – European Philosophy of Science Association – and PSE – Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective: ESF Networking Programme (2008-2013). It continues the aims of the PSE-Springer series “The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective” and is meant to give a new impetus to European research in the philosophy of science.

The main purpose of the series is to provide a publication platform to young researchers working in Europe, who will thus be encouraged to publish in English and make their work internationally known and available.

In addition, the series will host the EPSA conference proceedings, selected papers coming from workshops, edited volumes on specific issues in the philosophy of science, monographs and outstanding Ph.D. dissertations. There will be a special emphasis on philosophy of science originating from Europe. In all cases there will be a commitment to high standards of quality.

The Editors will be assisted by an Editorial Board of renowned scholars, who will advise on the selection of manuscripts to be considered for publication.

The books will be distributed both electronically and on paper.

All suggestions for possible contributions to ESPS will be highly appreciated by the editors. Perhaps you know of a very good dissertation, or know of a manuscript by a colleague (or perhaps you have a manuscript yourself)—please let us know!

Editorial board:

Daniel Andler
Theodore Arabatzis
Diderik Batens
Michael Esfeld
Jan Faye
Olav Gjelsvik
Stephan Hartmann
Gurol Irzik
Ladislav Kvasz
Adrian Miroiu
Elizabeth Nemeth
Ilkka Niiniluoto
Samir Okasha
Katarzyna Paprzycka
Tomasz Placek
Demetris Portides
Wlodek Rabinowicz
Miklos Redei
Friedrich Stadler
Gereon Wolters


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