PhD position in philosophy of physics at the University of Lausanne

Funding by the Swiss National Science Foundation of the project “The metaphysics of physics: natural philosophy” enables me to hire two new PhD students for three years. The theses have to be related to the ontology of quantum physics, and I would be particularly interested in work in the area of Bell’s theorem / quantum non-locality / the primtive ontology of quantum physics (Bohmian mechanics, the GRW mass density theory, the GRW flash theory) and the relationship of all this to special relativity and the philosophy of time.

Starting date: 1 November 2013 or later

Salary: from CHF 51000 first year to CHF 57000 third year (that is, about EUR 41000 to EUR 46000, of which about 30% have to be deduced for taxes and social charges).

To apply, please send letter of motivation, CV and short description of research interests to

by 15 October 2013.


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