Haunted Workshop: Who’s afraid of Quantum Theory?

Tepoztlan, Mexico
18-22 November 2013

Website: http://www.filosoficas.unam.mx/~okon/workshop/

Recent years have seen a growing awareness about strong connections between issues in foundations of quantum theory and aspects of quantum gravity. This workshop aims to promote a thorough discussion of subjects at this intersection and, more generally, at the interface of the quantum with the gravitational.

The format will be based on just two long blackboard talks per day (~3 hours each), without a tightly enforced schedule so no exciting discussions will be cut by the bell. The prime objective is to bolster an intense flow of ideas (even half-baked ones), in a highly engaging and informal setting.

Topics covered might include things people often prefer not to discuss. Nevertheless, in this case, we will be guided by the following motto: “we shall not to be afraid of the quantum ghosts.” We hope that the setting of the workshop in a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) will provide the haunted atmosphere where all this will seem natural.

For a list of participants, see http://www.filosoficas.unam.mx/~okon/workshop/list-of-participants-under.html.

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