Conference: Structuralism in Physics and Mathematics, Bristol, 21-23 September 2012


Jeremy Butterfield
Shamik Dasgupta
Eleanor Knox
James Ladyman
Fraser MacBride
Kerry McKenzie
F. A. Muller
Richard Pettigrew
David Wallace


Francesca Biagioli: Felix Klein’s structuralism in mathematics and epistemology
Anna Ciaunca: Structural realism and structural objectivity
Kate Hodesdon: Mathematical representation
Daniel Kodaj: Objective mind-dependent structures
Arnold Koslow: Hilbert’s uniform account of mathematical and physical theories as structures
Donnchadh O’Conaill: Pythagoreanism and its discontents
Ioan Muntean: Structures, dualities and emergence: the case of string theory
Fiona Roxburgh: Structuralism and the regulative unity of science
Maria Serban: A contextualist challenge for scientific structuralism
Jan Westerhoff: Ontological problems for structuralism
John Wigglesworth: Mathematical structures and dependence
Johanna Wolff: Quantities need structures

also featuring

Adam Caulton
Steven French
Stewart Shapiro

See the website for the full programme and registration:


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