Philosophy of Physics Conference, St. Andrews, 11 September 2012

PhysPhil, the Physics and Philosophy Society of St Andrews, are pleased to announce the first Philosophy of Physics conference in St Andrews, to be held on Tuesday the 11th September.

The day has been divided into talks and discussions on the subject of space and time, quantum mechanics, and the relationship between metaphysics and the physical sciences. We are fortunate to have the following speakers:

Prof Hans Halvorson, Princeton, on ‘Quantum Mechanics and the Mind’,

Dr Chris Hooley, St Andrews, on ‘Quantum Mechanics and Causality’,

Dr Alastair Wilson, Birmingham, on ‘Quantum Mechanics and the Metaphysics of Many Worlds’,

Prof William Craig, Biola, on ‘God, Time and Relativity’,

Dr Brian Pitts, Notre Dame, on ‘Physical Relativity’,

Prof James Ladyman, Bristol, on ‘Metaphysics Naturalised’.

We are also pleased to welcome Raymond Tallis as our chairman.

The meeting will be taking place in Physics Theatre A, The School of Physics & Astronomy, North Haugh, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9SS. You can find more information about the conference at our webpage here (including registration details):

Spanning the worlds of physics, philosophy, and philosophical theology, this promises to be a very stimulating interdisciplinary conference. Registration is FREE, and even includes a light lunch, but the deadline is fast approaching…

We look forward to seeing you there.

William Simpson
(Chairman of PhysPhil)


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