Call for nominations: Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize 2012

We are pleased to invite nominations for the Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize 2012.

The main stipulations of this prize are:

Eligible is any paper submitted by a student for a Master’s degree on a subject in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics written in 2012 or 2011.

The winner of this prize will receive 2000 euros, an invitation to submit an article based on the winning paper for submission to the journal Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, and an invitation to give a talk on the subject of the winning paper at a prize ceremony to be held at the Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Participation for this prize will be open to Master’s students worldwide, but only through nomination by (one of the) supervisors of the paper nominated.

The deadline for nominations is September 15, 2012.

Other stipulations:

Any paper nominated should be written in English and made available to the Jury in digital format (preferably as a pdf file).

The submission must be accompanied by a statement from the supervisor(s) of the thesis motivating the nomination.

The thesis and nomination are accompanied by the personal data of the author, including an email address, a brief curriculum vitae of the author, and proof that the thesis was approved at the student’s University (or other Institution of higher learning) within the mentioned time frame, and the mark received.

The submission should be sent by e-mail to with subject “Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize”

The Jury consists of

* Prof. Dr. J. Uffink (University of Minnesota) (Chair)
* Prof. Dr. N.P. Landsman (Radboud University)
* Dr. M. P. Seevinck (Radbod University)
* Dr. Ch. Lehner (Max Planck Institute, Berlin)


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