3:AM Magazine: Craig Callender

I am happy to direct readers of this blog to an interview 3:AM Magazine recently did with my colleague and “time lord” Craig Callender. It’s a great interview, with great questions from an unusually philosophical interviewer. Expect a healthy dose of naturalism, in stark contrast to the recent interview they ran with Kit Fine. Fine is an outstanding philosopher with extraodrinary acumen, if only… Well, you should read the interviews for yourself. They are certainly both worth your time!


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One response to “3:AM Magazine: Craig Callender

  1. The 3:AM interview with Craig Callender has been noticed around the blogosphere, and there have been quite a bit of commentators stepping up to add their two cents (or more, or less, as the case may be). Two examples that readers of this blog might want to see are Sean Carroll’s discussion at Cosmic Variance of one issue Callender raises in the interview and the discussion on the separability of the physics from the philosophy in authors such as Maxwell at the New APPS blog. Callender has weighed in on both discussions.

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