Sunny outlook for Southern California (updated)

(moving to the front from 22 March 2012)

Things are great for philosophy of physics in Southern California–and promise to be even better next academic year: Jim Weatherall has just accepted an offer from UC Irvine despite attractive offers from elsewhere (see previous post), Oliver Pooley will be visiting UCSD from Oxford for almost the entire academic year, and Iñaki San Pedro will be visiting UCSD from Complutense University in Madrid for the Fall quarter!



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5 responses to “Sunny outlook for Southern California (updated)

  1. Things in Southern California just got better still: Bryan Roberts just accepted a two-year postdoc position at the University of Southern California. Starting this fall, Southern California might well be THE place to do philosophy of physics, particularly with David Malament still around after he retires this summer!

  2. Just counting philosophers, and not counting graduate students, this fall we will have Sheldon Smith at UCLA, Tilman Sauer at Caltech, Carolyn Brighouse at Occidental College, Jeff Barrett, David Malament, and Jim Weatherall at UC Irvine, Bryan Roberts at USC, and Craig Callender, Oliver Pooley, Inaki San Pedro and myself at UCSD!

  3. Thanks Chris — and wow, what a group!

  4. The great news don’t stop: Foad Dizadji-Bahmani, who is currently a postdoc at LSE, will be joining Cal State Los Angeles in January 2013 on a tenure-track position! Welcome, Foad, to SoCal!

  5. Thanks Chris. (Only saw this now!) Amazing group.

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