CFA: Utrecht Summer School in the History and Philosophy of Science (Revolutions in Science)

The HPS group at Utrecht will be organizing a summer school on scientific revolutions again this year, after a summer school on the same topic last year. Here is their announcement:

History and Philosophy of Science: Revolutions in Science
27 – 31 August 2012

Science is one of the major determinants of modern society. Both the history and philosophy of science aim at a deeper understanding of the nature of this scientific enterprise and the knowledge it produces. The philosophy of science studies general questions concerning the nature of scientific knowledge and scientific methods, but also includes conceptual analysis of fundamental theories such as relativity, quantum mechanics, evolution and modern genetics. The historical approach focuses on the development of scientific thought and practice in times past. It does not limit itself to the problems, methods and solutions assigned by scientists, but extends its scope to the interplay with cultural, social or institutional features at particular times and places.

Introducing students to modern debates in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS). The central theme will be “Scientific Revolutions”.

Are you an advanced and ambitious bachelor student in the Humanities or Sciences with a strong interest in History and Philosophy of Science? The Utrecht Summer School curriculum will provide you an excellent introduction to the field of HPS and offer an opportunity to get acquainted with the HPS master program in Utrecht.

Prof.dr. Floris Cohen: Isaac Newton and The Scientific Revolution
Prof.dr. Dennis Dieks (course director): 1905, Einstein’s New Space and Time
Dr. Jeroen van Dongen (course director): 1916, General Relativity; Revolutions and Anti-Revolutions in Science
Prof.dr. Frans van Lunteren: The Quantum Revolution
Dr. Thomas Müller: Indeterminism and Modality
Prof.dr. Bert Theunissen: The Darwinian Revolution

A nine to five program from Monday to Friday. Excursion included.

Cécile Lemette
Institute for History & Foundations of Science, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University.

Deadline for registration: 15-05-2011.

This Utrecht Summer School in Science is held under the auspices of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

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