Faster-than-light neutrinos not faster than light after all?

Over at Cosmic Variance, Sean Carroll posted a blog post today stating that according to undisclosed sources, the OPERA result of superluminal neutrinos may have been due to a “bad connection between a fiber optic cable that connects to the GPS receiver used to correct the timing of the neutrinos’ flight and an electronic card in a computer.” Obviously, this remains to be confirmed; but if confirmed, it would be a tiny bit embarrassing after the gigantic brouhaha throughout the popular media last fall…



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2 responses to “Faster-than-light neutrinos not faster than light after all?

  1. The day after this blog entry was posted, OPERA team members confirmed that there were two possible sources of error, including the one mentioned above. For more information, go to Eugenie Samuel Reich’s “Timing glitches dog neutrino claim”, which appeared in Nature on 1 March 2012 and online on the journal’s website (link above) on 27 February 2012.

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