European Goodbye Conference to Jos Uffink, Friday July 15th, 2011

You may find it curious that I post the programme of a conference or workshop that is already over, but this one is special. Since it was planned as a surprise to Jos Uffink himself, I was morally obliged to remain silent until the conference is over. But now that it is, I would like to announce it nevertheless so that if you haven’t been in Utrecht last Friday, you can learn what you missed… and you may want to check out the conference website for some old photographs of Jos!

Here is the programme:

*European Goodbye Conference to Jos Uffink* to be held on Friday July 15th, 2011

Welcome at 10:00
Closing words by Jos Uffink at 17:30


Harvey Brown (Oxford): Remarks on the Early Role of Probability in Physics
Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge): Emergence in Physics: Less is Different
Elena Castellani (Florence): Fundamentality and Duality
Igor Douven (Groningen): Conditionals: the Empirical Turn
Jan Hilgevoord (Utrecht): Life with Jos
Janneke van Lith (Utrecht): Stir in Stillness
Hans Maassen (Nijmegen): The Discrete Entropic Uncertainty Principle
M.P. Seevinck (Nijmegen): From Bell’s to Uffink’s inequality and Beyond

Chair: F.A. Muller (Utrecht & Rotterdam)

Afterwards, drinks will be provided (from approx 17.30).
Lunch: no lunch will be provided, but we will gather with our sandwiches (either brought or bought) in a park nearby.
Dinner: Reservations will be made to come along to a restaurant nearby — at your own expense, though. Feel free to join us!


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