Workshop at Aberdeen: Quantum states: ontic or epistemic?

Guido Bacciagaluppi writes:

on 25-26 June, the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHPSTM), University of Aberdeen, will hold a workshop on ‘Quantum States: ontic or epistemic?’, with additional generous support from the Scots Philosophical Association.

Registration is free but space is limited, so please email Guido Bacciagaluppi ( in advance if you wish to attend. Please also indicate if you wish to come to dinner on 25 June.

Most of the talks will be recorded for the Archive of Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy (

Please note also that on 27-29 June, the Quantum Interactions 2011 meeting will take place at RGU (

Programme of the CHPSTM workshop:

All talks held in MacRobert 268, University of Aberdeen main campus (Old Aberdeen).

Saturday 25 June:

14:00-14:45 Guido Bacciagaluppi (Aberdeen),
Aspects of the ‘Bornian’ and ‘Schrödingerian’ views of the wavefunction

14:45-15:30 Jonathan Oppenheim (Cambridge) [via videolink?],
title TBA

15:30-16:00 coffee

16:00-16:45 Jonathan Barrett (Royal Holloway, London),
title TBA

16:45-17:30 Paul Busch (York),
title TBA

17:30-18:15 Ilja Schmelzer (Banjul, Gambia) [TBC],
The paleoclassical interpretation of quantum theory

19:00-ca. 22:00 dinner

Sunday 26 June:

09:15 -10:00 Alberto Montina (Perimeter Institute, Ontario),
Ontological dimension and quantum information complexity

10:00-10:45 Hans Westman (Sydney),
Two failed (?) attempts at digesting the indigestible wavefunction

10:45-11:15 coffee

11:15-12:00 Harald Atmanspacher (IGPP, Freiburg i. Br.),
title TBA

12:00-12:45 Alexei Grinbaum (CEA, Saclay),
What is epistemic besides quantum states?

12:45-14:45 lunch

14:45-15:30 Christopher Fuchs (Perimeter Institute, Ontario),
A quantum state just IS a probability distribution

15:30-16:15 Jos Uffink (Utrecht),
Entropy, entanglement and utility

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