Conferences: Time and Chance at Monash University

These two conferences look like they’re going to be a lot of fun:

Temporal Asymmetry – Tue 16th & Wed 17th August 2011

Chance & the Principal Principle – Fri 19th & Sat 20th August 2011

As part of an ARC project, Monash University will be hosting twin international conferences on time and chance in August. Speakers will include:

* David Albert (Columbia)
* Rachael Briggs (Sydney)
* Alan Hajek (ANU)
* Toby Handfield (Monash)
* Benj Hellie (Toronto)
* Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
* Aidan Lyon (Maryland)
* Christopher Meacham (UMass)
* Laurie Paul (UNC)
* Huw Price (Sydney)
* Wolfgang Schwarz (ANU)
* Bradford Skow (MIT)
* Brad Weslake (Rochester)
* Alastair Wilson (Monash)
* Jessica Wilson (Toronto)

Registration is free, and all are encouraged to attend. A limited number of bursaries for graduate students (to offset travel costs) will be available. To register, or if you have any questions, please contact Alastair Wilson at .



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