GSSPP: Planning the future

We have now started to plan the future of the Geneva Summer School in the Philosophy of Physics (GSSPP), hoping that we will be able to have another edition in summer 2012. As always, the most tricky part is to find funding for the event! Of course, we could simply set the tuition fees at a level that would make sure all the expenses for the speakers and the reception (and the party!) are covered. But this would make the school unaffordable for many worthy participants–clearly an undesirable outcome. Furthermore, if the tuition fees are so high as to discourage potential participants from coming, then we wouldn’t even be able to fill the school, and would, again, be unable to cover our expenses!

So we need funding. We have some potential sources in mind and have started to think about how to apply for funding in earnest. If you have been a participant of an earlier edition, or would like to come to a future edition, please send us your thoughts! In particular, we welcome your statements about why you enjoyed the school, why you think GSSPP must continue, why GSSPP is valuable to young researchers in philosophy of physics, etc.

Please send me an email at wuthrich AT ucsd DOT edu or leave a comment to this post.

Here are link to the two previous editions in 2008 and 2009:

The plan for 2012 would be to do the school on the asymmetry of time and the foundations of statistical physics. Please let us also know what other topics you would like to see covered in future editions.


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