Faculty move: Jos Uffink from Utrecht to Minnesota

Jos Uffink, currently at the University of Utrecht, has accepted a senior offer from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St.Paul, and will start there in fall 2011. This is a serious coup to rebuild philosophy of physics and philosophy of science more generally at Minnesota–particularly given the fact that Minnesota plans to hire another (likely junior) philosopher of physics to complement Uffink.



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2 responses to “Faculty move: Jos Uffink from Utrecht to Minnesota

  1. Sad day for Utrecht. With Michiel Seevinck having moved to Radboud University of Nijmegen, Dennis Dieks retiring in a few years, me having tenure at the Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam, we can safely conclude that philosophy of physics in Utrecht is in decline and will soon disappear altogether. Will Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics then move to Minnesota? Who knows? I am still a permanent guest researcher in Utrecht and do the philosophy of physics seminar, bearing witness to it all.

    • A sad day indeed for Utrecht. Let’s hope that the administrators at Utrecht University will have the wisdom to continue to invest in Utrecht’s traditional strength in the philosophy of physics. In particular, let’s hope that they will make a permanent appointment in the philosophy of physics when Dennis Dieks retires. Over the past many years, Utrecht has been one of the very best places for the philosophy and foundations of physics in Europe, and indeed in the world!

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