CFA: Visiting Fellowships at the Rotman Institute at Western Ontario

A successful application to this fellowship program would allow philosophers of physics with a project with historical or epistemic aspects to spend some time in what is one of the very best communities for the philosophy of physics, the University of Western Ontario… Here’s the call:

Visiting Fellows Program: Call for Applications

The Rotman Institute of Philosophy invites applications to its Visiting Fellows Program for 2011-2012. The program offers scholars the opportunity to spend one or two semesters as part of an active, diverse and welcoming intellectual community working at the intersection of philosophy and the sciences. Applications are welcome from scholars holding doctoral degrees who are pursuing research projects that engage contemporary science from the perspectives of ethics, epistemology, history or policy.

Visiting Fellows have no formal duties beyond an active participation in the intellectual life of the Rotman Institute. They are encouraged to participate in the many reading groups, seminars, talks, workshops and other ongoing projects at the Rotman Institute, and to give talks introducing their own research projects to the Institute. They are invited as well to take advantage of the broader activities of the Department of Philosophy including colloquia, conferences, and graduate seminars (with instructor permission). The University of Western Ontario’s Department of Philosophy is one of the most distinguished in Canada.

Each Visiting Fellow is provided with an office in the Rotman Institute of Philosophy equipped with a desktop computer; modest office and IT support; and full access to the library facilities and services of The University of Western Ontario. Visiting Fellows receive a supplementary stipend of $1,300 per month to help defray the cost of relocation.

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