PhD position in quantum foundations at the University of York

PhD project in quantum foundations: Structural Aspects of Qudit systems

This is a theoretical project that addresses foundational aspects of quantum information processing with a focus on structural features of qudit systems. While much effort has been spent on investigating quantum state spaces, relatively little is known about the structure of quantum observables. The mathematical duality of states and observables provides a guarantee that whatever one learns about one side is relevant for the other, so that it is to be expected that studying structures of quantum observables will provide a new angle and open up new questions.

The project includes:
– Determination of criteria for the joint measurability of qudit observables
– Study of the connection between approximate joint measurability and approximate cloning
– Search for prototype models of joint measurements of noncommuting quantum observables
– Implications for the quantum-classical contrast

Contact details for more information:

Professor Paul Busch
Department of Mathematics
University of York, York YO10 5DD

tel: +44 1904 323082

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Funding Notes

Preferred first degree: Theoretical Physics, Mathematics.
Scholarship covers home fees and stipend.

Application deadline: 15 February 2011 or until position is filled.


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One response to “PhD position in quantum foundations at the University of York

  1. Paul Busch

    This position has now been filled.

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