Postdoc: Complutense University Madrid

Juan de la Cierva Fellowship (3-­‐year junior research position)

The Complutense Research Group Methods of Causal Inference and Scientific Representation (MCISR) will be sponsoring an application for a Juan de la Cierva (JdlC) fellowship in this year’s call. This is a three-­‐year research position funded by the Spanish Government (Ministry of Science and Innovation), with a flexible start date between October 2011 and March 2012. The salary is 24,000 € + benefits yearly.

The successful applicant will work within the Research Group as a full member of Complutense University and will have full access to the facilities and benefits offered by the University. He or she will have obtained a PhD in philosophy of science from an institution other than Complutense at a date not earlier than 1st September 2007. Fluency in written and spoken English is a prerequisite; fluency in Spanish is desirable but not a prerequisite. European Union nationals may have an advantage.

This is a position of particular interest to finishing graduate students or those who have recently finished and would like to spend a few postdoctoral years in Madrid devoted mainly to their research in a friendly and collegial environment as part of a small but competitive international research team. The official deadline for applications at the Spanish Ministry is February 10th, but we request potential candidates to send us their expression of interest, a short summary of their research project, a CV, and the names of two referees by January 19th at the latest. Our decision as to who we will be sponsoring will
be communicated by January 30th and the Ministry’s final decision will be announced sometime in June/July.

A description of the research group and its activities can be found at:

Further information regarding Complutense University can be found at:

The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation webpage is:

Contact person: Mauricio Suárez (Principal Investigator MCISR). Email:


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