Upcoming talk: “Determinism and general relativity” (with Chris Smeenk)

On Thursday, 4 November, I will be presenting the paper “Determinism and general relativity”, co-written with Chris Smeenk, at the PSA in Montreal. I hope to see you there!


The present article investigates the fate of determinism in the context of general relativity (GR) and undertakes an outlook beyond the classical theory into semi-classical and full quantum theories of gravity. Central to this investigation is an analysis of the status of global hyperbolicity, a necessary condition for determinism in GR. While global hyperbolicity may simply fail to be true of all physically reasonable models in GR, we are particularly interested in the appraisal of imposing global hyperbolicity by fiat, and justifying such a stipulation, vs. establishing it from the resources of the theory itself or from weaker assumptions, as is done in attempts to prove cosmic censorship theorems.


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