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I have just added a new page to this blog. It’s a very inchoate attempt to list the major works in philosophy of physics over the last thirty or so years. The reason I did this is because I wanted to see a bit more systematically which publishers published most of these works. Unsurprisingly, CUP and OUP are clearly the most copious publishers, followed by Kluwer and Springer. But since this may be the result of some selection bias, I would like to encourage you to send me proposals for additions to this very incomplete list. Please email them or leave them as comments!

Update (14 September 2010):

Sam Fletcher has pointed out many omissions in the list; thanks to him for taking the time to give me a long list of titles.

Eventually, I would like to make the bibliographic data fully searchable, and not just listed as a dumb list of books ordered by publisher. Perhaps the best things would be to make them available as a .bib file. Any suggestions? Anyone any experience with how this might be implemented directly in the web design?


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