Call for Nominations: Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize

The undersigned hereby issue a call for nominations for a new yearly prize in the field of History and Philosophy of Modern Physics:

The Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize intends to honour the life and work of Hanneke Janssen (1982-2008), who was a brilliant student in this field, until her untimely death in a traffic

The prize – which has been funded by donations through the Hanneke Janssen Memorial Fund – is open to international candidates, for any Thesis submitted for a Master’s Degree (or an equivalent thereof), or as a substantial part for obtaining this Master’s Degree, in the field of History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.

The prize includes
– A reward of 1000 euros.
– An invitation to give a talk on the topic of the Thesis in Utrecht, Nijmegen and Berlin.
– An invitation to submit an article based on the Thesis to the journal Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.

Candidates for this prize will be accepted only through nomination by the supervisor(s) of the work, accompanied by a statement motivating the nomination.

The deadline for the 2010 nomination is September 1. The decision will be made by the jury (i.e., the undersigned) by September 15. The award ceremony is scheduled for 11 November 2010 at the Radboud University Nijmegen, or as closely to this date as possible.

For more details we refer to the stipulations explicated on the website

Many thanks in advance, with kindest regards,

Jos Uffink (Utrecht)
Klaas Landsman (Nijmegen)
Michiel Seevinck (Nijmegen/Utrecht)
Christoph Lehner (Berlin)


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