BSPS Doctoral Scholarship in Philosophy of Science 2010

From the Honorary Secretary of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science:

The society announces that it will be offering a scholarship for
doctoral work in philosophy of science in a UK university (subject to a
suitable candidate coming forward). The level of the award will be the
same as that of AHRC funding and will cover fees and maintenance. The
scholarship shall be awarded for a period equal to the institutional
norm for PhD study at the student’s institution minus any time already
spent on the PhD (i.e., up to 3 yrs at most UK institutions, 2yrs at
Oxford and other institutions with a 2+2 model for postgraduate courses)

The BSPS award will not be awarded to anyone with another source of
funding. Applicants must have applied for other sources of funding for
which they are eligible. The closing date for applications is 1st August
2010. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that complete
applications, including references, arrive by the deadline. Applicants
are therefore advised to give their referees and proposed supervisor
adequate notice of the deadline by which materials are required.
Applicants should send:

1. a curriculum vitae (no more than 2 sides of A4)
2. an outline of the proposed research (no more than 500 words)
3. a statement setting out the other sources of funding for which
they have applied and the dates at which they will hear whether these
applications have been successful
4. a statement testifying that they currently have no other source
of funding
5. evidence that they have been accepted onto an appropriate Ph.D.
programme, and a statement stating the institutional norm for PhD
completion at their institution (i.e. whether their institution follows
a 1+3 model or a 2+2 model for MA and PhD study).

Their proposed supervisor should send:

1. A brief statement (no more than 500 words) explaining how the
proposed supervisor and institution will provide the support necessary
for successful completion of the proposed PhD.

And two academic referees should send directly:

1. References.

All documents should be sent to the following address.
BSPS Doctoral Scholarship
Dr Rachel Cooper
Lancaster University

1. Where an applicant is already part way through their PhD the BSPS
grant will be correspondingly reduced.

2. In cases where applicants have minimal funding from other sources
this will be made up to AHRC levels by the BSPS grant. (For example, an
applicant who has a fees-only award from elsewhere would be eligible to
apply for a maintenance grant from the BSPS.)

3. Incomplete applications, including those with missing references or
missing supervisors’ statements, will not be considered.


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2 responses to “BSPS Doctoral Scholarship in Philosophy of Science 2010

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  2. UK universities are one of the best places to study. Thanks for posting this opportunity.

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