Conceptions of Empirical Success (aka Harperfest) at UWO

Next week UWO’s philosophy department will host a conference in honor of Bill Harper.  The conference is organized by Wayne Myrvold and features a terrific lineup of speakers, on topics to which Harper has made important contributions — in particular, historical approaches to questions of empirical success and decision theory. The conference is followed by the annual Logic, Mathematics, and Physics Graduate Philosophy conference, featuring Kevin Kelly (CMU) as the keynote speaker. The conferences are open to everyone, but please contact Wayne Myrvold if you plan to attend.

Harperfest Program
University Community Centre, Room 37

Day 1, Friday, May 7

  • 9:30  Rhonda Martens, “Keplerian Aesthetics”
  • 11:00  Curtis Wilson, “A Nub or Two of the Lunar Problem “
  • 1:30  George Smith, “The Ratio of Specific Heats: What Does It Measure?”
  • 3:00  John Earman, “Understanding Permutation Invariance in Quantum Mechanics”
  • 4:15  Round Table Panel

Day 2, Saturday, May 8

  • 9:30  Allan Gibbard, “Meaning and Probability”
  • 11:00  Jim Joyce, “The Proper Role of Ratifiability Considerations in Decision Making”
  • 1:30  Alan Hájek, “The Extremely Improbable”
  • 3:00  Brian Skyrms, “The Evolution of Signalling Systems”
  • 4:15  Round Table Panel

LMP Program

Keynote Speaker:

  • Kevin Kelly, Carnegie Mellon University, “Ockham’s Razor and Truth”

Philosophy of Physics:

  • Gemma Murray, Cambridge University, “Is Quantum Mechanics about Quantum Information?”
  • Ryan Samaroo, Oxford University, “On the Constitutive Basis of General Relativity”
  • Bryan Roberts, University of Pittsburgh, “How to Time-reverse a Quantum System”
  • Jim Binkoski, University of Massachusetts, “Geometry, Fields, and Spacetime”

Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics:

  • William B. D’Alessandro, University of Illinois-Chicago, “Explanatory Circles and the Psychology of Explanation in Mathematics”
  • Alex Koo, University of Toronto, “A Challenge for the Indexing Argument Against Mathematical Realism”
  • Hanti Lin, Carnegie Mellon University, “A Logical Theory of Belief without Certainty”

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