Upcoming talk: “Puzzling aspects of quantum mechanics, Part II: Non-locality”

I will give a talk on non-locality in quantum mechanics at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSD on Thursday, 18 March 2010, 1-3pm, in Room 129 of the UCSD Extension Complex. Here is the abstract (for which I don’t take full responsibility):

“Einstein, the discoverer of relativity with all its non-intuitive aspects, also was a pioneer in QM which has its own weird aspects. A joint paper with 2 others in 1935 gave an argument that implied the following. Starting out from a few basic and seemingly innocuous assumptions, one can show that QM is a non-local theory: It predicts the existence of puzzling “quantum connections” between certain particles. This highly non-local quantum connection is unattenuated with distance and instantaneous, i.e. the operation on a particle on earth seems to be able to cause an instantaneous change in a particle light-years away. Stranger still, experiments have validated the prediction of non-local connections. He will give an accessible and non-technical account of this non-locality and discuss implications for interpretations of QM and for the relationship between QM and relativity.”

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